Monday, May 31, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things..

So you all know I went on a ninja road trip with the girl child. It was a crazy trip, and I am still filtering bits of it. All in all we had a pretty good time, it was pretty low key, hundreds of pics were taken, and a small amount of red wine was consumed. We were off to visit a dear friend of mine, a goodbye before he travels off to the other coast to live. It was a little bit sad, and a whole lot of inspiring.
My pal Les is just one of those people who gets inside my head, and deciphers the code before it leaves my mouth. He sees my work, and watches the process almost through my eyes. He gets what it is I am trying to say with my work, and where its coming from. I think he's my biggest fan. My conversations with Les have inspired me to take my shellac experiments further, to push the envelope a bit. I am pretty excited about it. I have some production work to get out of the way first, but wheels are turnin, and the creative juices are flowin, I am pretty excited. I was feeling a little lost before I spent this time with Les, not sure what direction to go with my work. He reminded me that so much of what I do is about process, that I need to celebrate the process, the end product will follow. Or it won't. But that I have to embrace the many facets of making, because that is the part that makes me whole.
Of course, we are not talking about my production work here, that's the bread and butter part of clay work for me. Some of this applies of course, but as a whole we talked about not being afraid to push the bounderies, and take the textile/clay thing for a walk., do some art pieces.
So that was the good part of my visit, the bad part, I am still filtering. Suffice it to say that leaving Home with my kids was the right decision. I leave you with a photo of me and My Les, you will notice the fine argyle sweater he is wearing. Tres cool and very punk rock.


Gallow said...

Finding someone who can inspire you, see your thoughts, and push you is an incredible find. Way to go!!!

Being new to this whole art scene, and a photographer wannabe, I'm amazed by people who can make a living with their art. I do find it interesting when you talk about your bread and butter production work, vs pushing the boundaries. Do you find that there is some overlap, or are the two distinct?

I have a regular full time job, and my photography is more of my hobby. I think that if I became a full time photographer, the bread and butter work would be weddings, and children photos at Sears. Both would drive me crazy. :-) (Although I have done a few people's second weddings because the participants seem more relaxed. I thought about creating cards for people who asked me to photograph their first wedding. The cards would say something to the effect of, "Call me for your Second Wedding." :-))

I've heard other people say that they tried to turn their hobby into a career and they end up ruining a perfectly good hobby.

Gary doesn't seem to be this way, he seems to love every aspect of his work. How about the rest of you? (Gary, if I'm wrong please let me know.)


Reverend Awesome said...

Lovin' the argyle! You two look so cozy and happy.
Your trip photos were awesome. I sent the pic of Lick-A-Chick around work.

Reverend Awesome said...

Oh and me and StevO commented at the same time.

I'm in your camp, Stevo. I've got my work and I've got my hobby. I don't think I have the discipline or even the desire really to work for myself. I like making things when I feel like making things.

Liz said...

Funny about the wedding stuff, as Les was best man at my first wedding! and I was way him not so much, rolled into town with his bleach blond hair, borrowed a suit jacket and did the best man thang. As to the overlap with production and art, yeah, the two overlap a lot one influences the other. This is the first time I haven't had a day job to fall back on, I am testing the waters, so to speak. Sometimes I have a hard time justifying the change from Day job, to fulltime artist, but then something comes along and gives me the lift I need. I do however still supplemnt the bank account by teaching part time. kids need to eat and all.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

*brrrp* hmmm?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I love Lizzie's story. I get a lot of the same creative energy and juice from this little group. Stevo, hobby or not, this is all I do, other than walk the dog, cook, eat, hang with the lady :) I doubt if I am capable of anything else anymore, I kid you not! I used to teach. I don't like teaching much anymore. Takes mental energy away from making things. As for production work, etc, I resist doing other people's ideas and projects and do what I feel like. It sells :)

Liz said...

yeah, my production work is still my own, I hate commisions, unless they are like dude, love your work here's your budget, make me something. Those I can groove to.
My production work is always changing. I am honest with the gallery, its this for now, but its evolving. I am not into a thousand mugs the same. It would kill me. And Stevo, I don't think you need to do weddings, but hey, if I ever go for round two, are you in??? It'll be a pig roast and a beerfest. Pictures optional.
When I think of production work for a photographer I always think of the Greeting cards/ framed prints. I hadn't ever thought of SEARS. ew!
This switch was a lifestyle choice for me. I was willing to trade the stability of regular paychecks, to be free to deal with a kid who has some serious PTSD. We are all happy with the change, but it is always on the table that I will go back to the office scene if we struggle to eat. But honestly, its a good thing so far, two years in, and not hungry yet!

Christi said...

Friends who inspire are awesome. But it's sad when they move.