Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brief BABB appeal for Beckster

Point A) Please remember, if you are in show number one, to try to have your item ready June 5. Stevo says his is ready. I am kinda thinking just posting stuff here might be easiest first, then we can all copy and paste and post on June 7. Any thoughts? Trying to keep this easy. Just to repeat, any of us joining will post a complete selection of participants' images and links on their blog plus FB. A really good chance to increase the number of people who see our art. (Becky Jo may not have understood that this is meant to be simple and easy, so YES, we are trying to keep this easy)

Point B) I love BABB, but that was the point in the beginning--you guys are my friends. I love the gossip and goofy sh!t you post but we also support each other, for example :

Point c) Becky Jo is having the most horrible week or two, with her grandad and all. In the middle of this she sent me a package--incredibly sweet. BECKY JO is GOLD. She is totally the sweetest most creative person going through a sh!tstorm now. She may appreciate our messages of support. ( I even have her mailing address if you want it)


Reverend Awesome said...

My thoughts are with you Becky. Hang in there.
If you need ANYTHING at all, just ask. I'll do anything I can.

Christi said...

give me her mailing address! I'll be home tomorrow evening and love sending care packages.