Thursday, May 20, 2010

my idea for le BABB show

So, kinda fiddling with the idea of a deep curved slash in a top heavy pitcher for the exhibit---I talked about it yesterday and showed doodles and a mug with a turtle BUT
--I realized that I had too many slashes on the mug, and as I fell asleep it occurred to me to use one slash on each side--I always get ideas when I fall asleep, sounds like Ben does too
--I also realized I wasn't in the mood to put a turtle on there and
--I had a big spiral at the top and took it off and put on a small spiral, works better


Reverend Awesome said...

I think I've told you this before, but I watched a movie about sleeping. Our brain solves problems for us when we sleep. As anyone that has played video games might notice. You could try over and over again to beat a level one night and wake up in teh morning and get past the point first thing. Cuz at night, your brain solved it for you.
I love this, Gary. I really do. It's sooo elegant. I mean really. Some rich broad would display this and show it off to all her friends.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh thank you. :) Seriously, I was on my way to take a leak and got TWO more ways to extend this idea. I am not sure how pissing can inspire a person, but I WILL TAKE IT :)