Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Day at the LaSalette Monastery

These monks are dear friends, and way cool. Brother Adam is here, we are saying our goodbyes. I told George to snap his photo from a distance. He is way camera shy...:) He is telling me here to take a candid shot, that would be okay! I am asking him "What are you saying, I am suppose to be a Monastic Paparazzi"? Naturally he laughs.
The Abbott here is Father Jim. He is so way cool, and a most wonderful person. I serve mass for him for years at our church. I don't think even he realizes the impact he has had on my life. He is the kindest, sweetest person. He originally came from Canada, then moved to Italy. That is where he resided as a priest, for the Vatican. When the need called, he came to LaSalette to take the post of Abbott. He was telling us that he is an ordained Exorcist. I said, "You mean like in the movie"? YIKES! He laughed and said, "Yes, exactely"! Wow, let me tell you, you would never know that. I was speechless. You know when I would serve mass for him I have to tell you that there was definitely a different feeling being around him. He is such a gentle, soft spoken man, however, there is this strength in his energy that you can actually feel. So when I found out who he really is, you can imagine my awe of this Priest. Would of never guessed it in a million years. But now I understand why they chose him.
In discussion with other Religious it was explained to me that they are chosen by the Vatican, hand selected for their reputation of purity. And it better be the "Real Deal"! Or Else!...Wow! that is amazing. Of course you know me, a billion questions race in my mind.
He stated himself, "That in no way would he ever of imagined that he would be chosen", nor did he want to be. He said when he got the official notice to appear at the Vatican, he said, "I thought, Uh Oh, now what have I done"! lol lol lol....He said his Mother and Father didn't like it either....they said, "No Way"! However he said, "One cannot assess why God wants certain things of certain people". His statement was, "God always chooses the least likely"! It's his way.
Needless to say, he accepted his orders from the Pope, and that is what he is. Now when I look upon his gentle face, and loving ways, I am more in awe than ever. So in looking back serving mass for him, I truly feel honored, and oh so humbled. I really am a humble person now. When I was young and stupid, I was a Punk, but after the walk through the Monastic doors, that changed forever.
Like Shakspeare said, "There is more to heaven and earth than you will ever know Horatio"!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

I love all the pictures you also posted on FB Maureen, of their gardens! It is true for Horatio, and the rest of us too!

Jill A. Brown said...

<3 this... :)

Reverend Awesome said...

You may have said before, but how long were you at teh monastery? This is all really amazing and I too loved all those photos you posted on facebook!

A Day in the life of a Fun Person said...

Reverend Awesome I started working at the Monastery in 1986 until 2001. That is when my Mom had to go to chemo. But I still visit them when I can...:) We used to invite the Monks to our house also. They were allowed to come to our house with permission from the lol that was a hoot! We really had a great time! :) Our daughter worked there also until our granddaughter was born. As a matter of fact, our daughter went into labor, on the job there! lol lol lol...! :)