Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am very busy and very bad, but I have a new gig that also pays me nothing

OK, one women's colony retires, but a new one rises from the ashes, AND THEY HIRED ME TO WRITE FOR IT.

Chapter one, Notes from a Former Cabana Boy

Golly, the HONOR: asked to write for Women's Colony 2.0!!! I had sort of asked Heather once or twice, you know, all casual like, "Hey Heather, if you need a male perspective, you know, well, think of me!". Heather is adorable, but apparently she DID NOT think of me, except as a piece of meat. Well, mancake, really. I was never asked to be a writer, BUT I WAS ASKED to be a cabana boy.

and I blogged about it too

At first, you know, I was TOTALLY INSULTED that nobody was respecting MY BRAIN, but you know, metaphorically passing out rum drinks and towels to women poolside is FUN, metaphorically.

Speaking NOT metaphorically, I hung around Derwad Manor, The Women's Colony and now here because ya'll are fun and interesting. And, according to statistics ( I COUNTED) 9 out of 10 women say: Gary= NOT skeevy.

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Becky Jo said...

That's what you need... MORE gigs that pay nothing. (???)... but they're right, you're not skeevy. :)

Reverend Awesome said...

I'm all for gigs that pay nothing if you're having fun.

I love it. Go show them what a real man is like!