Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Not Yet Husband, Also a Bad Ass

He's a bad ass, but sadly he did not win Mr. Leather 2008 despite a big effort (making silly flyers and emailing them to our friends ) on Heath and I's part.

You see, a couple years ago we attended the Pride Parade in downtown Des Moines. We're people that love a good parade. The thing is, some people didn't take the parade too seriously. You can do better, gays of Des Moines! Are we supposed to bring kids to an event where men in underwear are standing on a truck, drinking beer at 10 am and calling it a parade float? No. If you want this kind of parade don't bill it as family friendly. But that's beside the point. Back to Mr. Leather. This is Mr. Leather 2007.

After Heath and I saw this we thought the only logical thing to do would be make some flyers for my boyfriend and taunt him with them. I will look at the flyers every few months and send them to him again and laugh. "Why are you guys obsessed with this? It was so long ago! You need to let it go." Why are we obsessed with this? Maybe cuz it's freaking awesome. He's a good sport about my crazy though. There may be a lot of eye rolling, but you'll have that.

Not a float! 

Free Joel! 

He'll always been Mr. Leather 2008 in my heart. 
All of the bullet points are based on things that we witnessed at the parade.


Liz said...

Well hello Mr!!! too funny, you guys must have bunches of fun!!!

Maureen Johnson said...

I vote for Mr. lol..:) My kind of people! lol lol This is really great! Thanks, it really makes us smile..:)

Reverend Awesome said...

I sent him an email.
I posted the Mr. Leather flyer on my blog!! You will be Mr. Leather!

my god youre obsessed with mr leather!

Liz said...

the first daywe were in Cape breton, there was a pride day parade, there were three guys with a sign and some balloons. that was it. Kinda more like a pride day

Gary's third pottery blog said...

are there really that many gay latinos is Iowa???
I am guessing our man Scott looks SHARP in leather undies. With or without studs!