Friday, June 4, 2010

my show entry, which is also an example

(pitcher by Gary Rith)
Artist thoughts: I have been working on a series of experiments lately, and for this spring group show imagined a pitcher like this with a deep groove in the side, glazed JADE and blue, with a turtle on it. But for the first time in 13 years, I did not think it needed something like a turtle..or frog...etc. The groove reminds me of a river going through a landscape, not to sound like there is anything profound here.
But anyway, I like to push the piece nearly to collapse when I make the groove, and then add the accented blue bits, and a handle that looks a little more fun than the usual.
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Gary's third pottery blog said...

don't know why the pic is oversize, OH WELL :)

Becky Jo said...

All the better to see it. :)

Reverend Awesome said...

It looks like normal size to me. Normal size and so pretty!