Friday, June 4, 2010

My Show Entry.

My thoughts: This symbolizes man's struggle to get to the moon and dealing with the sorrow one feels after their favorite team loses the Super Bowl. Okay. It doesn't. At least not intentionally. Since this show is Spring themed I thought I could do a little painting for every season. Nothing deep. Just fun. Something that I would want to have on my walls. I'll do the rest of the seasons as they arrive.
I don't have an etsy gallery or anything. So I guess if you want to buy things from me you'll have to contact me by email or facebook. I have a blog! My blog is about nothing of any importance really. It's about whatever I want it to be about. (You could be reading this on my blog. If so, my blog is VERY important. You guys know that.)
Here's some other things I've done in a facebook photo album.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh, so perfect! Awesome painting reverend Awesome!

Becky Jo said...

Your painting is what I imagine the best springy day in Iowa to be like... I just wish we had more than one per year.

P.S. My Dad and I have an ongoing challenge to see who sees the first Robin of the year... and he usually wins. ;)