Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running in a Kilt.

A while ago we were talking about a friend of mine that runs in a kilt.  Last week he ran in the Ithaca Festival mile.  He also ran the mile barefoot.  He's an incredible runner that has come a long way in the past few years.  I love his facial expression in this photo.

Last year I was asked to take the photographs at this race, and I said sure.  Then I realized that I could not do it alone.  The race is a point to point race.  There was no way that I could take photos at the start, and beat the top runners to the end to take photos of them crossing the finish line.  A friend of mine has a son who is in college, and has a great eye.  He has helped me the past two years take photographs.

I love Ithaca!



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Reverend Awesome said...

Holy crap! That's a cool picture, Stevo!! The kilt is nothing when you see that face.

Becky Jo said...

OMgosh.. he ran it barefoot?! I've heard about people running barefoot, but I think it would be tricky. He must have some tough feet.

Christi said...

I saw him go by!