Saturday, July 17, 2010

A beautiful Saturday in July

What a beautiful day today was!

First, I joined Maude & Gary at Viva for tacos & burritos.

Georges Le Soq got a little fresh, it seems.

The Uggly Wugglies tagged along to do some berry-picking.

Walter made sure to bring an appropriate hat.

"Now, see, we split the berries five ways."

Walter's decision was not a popular one.

The berries were enormous-- we just couldn't stop picking!

Gary, Maude & Georges joined us for beers & pizzas back at our house.

Georges says, "Hooray beer!"

A couple of Red Stripes, though, and Georges was swinging from a vine like Tarzan.

Le Cirque de Ugglie!

Left to right: 
Clarence's pet trout, Fred
Walter's nephew, Teabo
Felix's pet parrot, Ethel

"We worship the fire god, Frank!"

Brett made us delicious pizza with homemade whole-wheat crust on the pizza stone on the grill. Rice-cheese, fresh tomatoes & garlic and basil right out of the garden. Yuuuuuuummmmm!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

f##kin' A, rock ON :)
Thanks Kerry and Brett! \m/

George and Maureen Johnson said...

We love all the post on this lol lol..:) WE ARE ALL SO COOL..ROCK ON! lol lol lol..:)
Great Post for sure! We are all so lucky to have found each other!

Cheryl said...

I follow Gary's blog and saw some of the photos from the day's glad I found out what the guys are named!