Tuesday, July 6, 2010

introducing Kerry!

My buddy Kerry joins the BAMF Art Blog Bunch today. She sure is BABB: wacky, funny, friendly, and makes fish stick fajitas! Here at BABB we have a long tradition of making fun new dishes out of old childhood favorites....here is what she has to tell us:

Wow… I’d like to thank the Academy… no, just kidding. It is a great honor to be invited to join the BABB! I’ve been reading your blogs for a bit now and it’s the best entertainment there is.
Okay, a little bit about me—I was born & raised in the middle of nowhere in upstate NY- my hometown has TWO stoplights! (And little else, except for a kick-ass penny candy counter in the drugstore.) I went to Ithaca College to study advertising & p.r. My husband, Brett, grew up in a town five miles over from mine, but we didn’t know each other then. We went to the same college, had some classes together, and even shared a ride home one weekend but we didn’t start dating until I’d moved back with my parents for grad school and he was renting an apartment from his boss in my hometown.
I was the PR and Programming Director for the Putnam County District Library in Ottawa, OH for 4 years while Brett got a master’s degree in Popular Culture at Bowling Green State University. We moved to Ithaca once he FINALLY finished his degree (I was ready to get out of tornado alley).
I was a member of Spirit & Kitsch for the first year we were back in NY- I had my photographs there, along with fun things made of photographs, like light-box style lampshades and greeting cards made with family photographs with snarky comments. I had to give it up when I got a job as fundraising director for our local SPCA, because the homeless doggies & kitties there took up so much of my time.
I’m fundraising & community relations director at a senior residential community now, which isn’t as involved as the SPCA was, so I’m finding I have time for photography again- especially my continuing adventures of Clarence & Walter, which I’m hoping to put together into a kind of “Frog and Toad Are Friends” book for adults. I’m also trying to finish the two novels & one screenplay I’ve been writing & rewriting for the past ten years!
My family is absolutely crazy (some actually certifiable) and provide unlimited inspiration and entertainment. I live near Ithaca College in my really old (1864) farmhouse with Brett and our two dogs, Mr. Minchy Spampobello and Frances. Minchy is a beagle/Jack Russell Terrorist mix, and Frances is a beagle who was rescued from a research lab.
I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful, creative group!!


Becky Jo said...

Yay! Welcome to the group, Kerry! :)

Reverend Awesome said...

Kerry is the bee's mother freaking knees!

Jill A. Brown said...


k.a. barnes said...

Thanks for the warm welcome-- it's wonderful to be here!

Gallow said...

Welcome Kerry!!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

YEAH KERRY! Us wonderful people have to stick together. Life is grand when you can have so many wonderful, wacky, friends to share life with...A GRAND WELCOME! :) Everything about you and your family is just perfect to us! :)