Tuesday, July 20, 2010


OK, the rest of you have certainly had better and more interesting jobs than me.
Like kerry, and the rest of you, I baby sat and cut lawns and shoveled snow. I babysat for the first time when I was ten years old--the neighbor's 5 year old and baby. The next year when I was 11 a different family, a BIG family with lots of kids, super nice people, paid me to take care of Richie who was 7. All the other kids were a lot older than him and me, and it was probably the best job I ever had (other than being a potter!) because I was making 50 cents an hour to ride bikes and play baseball. TOP THAT! I remember in later years staying up super late while babysitting on Saturday nights, watching saturday Night Live and after that the music video show that was a precursor to MTV. Like, Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders performing--holy cats she was HOT.
When I was 16 I got my first job, over in Hamilton, NY. It was dishwasher at the blue bird diner, and it was weekends and some evenings. I did some short order cooking too. The upside was ALL YOU CAN EAT is appealing to a teenage boy, downside was the filth. Nothing is more disgusting than washing dishes in a diner, ick.
During college I had another great job: working in the security booth. This involved occaisionally answering the phone or answering a question if a visitor pulled up. Mostly it involved drinking coffee, gossiping and reading mysteries. HEAVEN.
In grad school I worked on paint crews around chicago. I didn't have health insurance at first, but there we were, up four flights on a scaffold, painting around windows or under the eaves. It terrifies me even now to consider those ladders and scaffolds. And Chicago in summer is IMPOSSIBLY hot, and there you are.
Nice to have crappy jobs when you are young, so you can be grateful every day you get to sit around making art instead :)


Reverend Awesome said...

We had a babysitter once that my mom would threaten me and Will with when we were bad. My Mom had babysitted her growing up so my Mom asked her to babysit me and Will one night while my parent's went bowling.
OH.MY.GOD. She was A NIGHTMARE. Me and Will sat in my room plotting her demise. She was so mean. We stayed in the room all evening. Her brother watched us once and he was the opposite. Too fun. He let us watch whatever we wanted on TV. You know what that means, Nightmare on Elm St.
Anytime we were bad my Mom would say, "If you don't stop I'll ask Julie to babysit again." "NOOOO!"

For a long time we had the best babysitter ever. She was so fun and paid us all sorts of attention. She let us have feeted pj sliding races down the hall and she would watch and laugh! We loved her so much. She went away to college though and we were all very upset. She's still awesome though! I saw her at a baseball game once with her own kids.

George and Maureen Johnson said...

lol lol lol..These are great! One thing good about babysitting is that you get the real story on taking care of kids..i.e., That is why we only had one child...lol lol
I never had to do dishes in the kitchens I worked at. But I will tell you, food prep is not easy, and man "You bust your butt". It's good when your Young. I needed to burn off all the anger! lol lol lol those jobs are great for that, and no one gives a damn, as long as it gets done! lol lol lol :)