Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BABB First Annual Photo Day

Today was a big birthday for me. I turned 50. I've heard many people say that turning 30,40,50,60,70... are difficult. I didn't think that it would be for me, and it wasn't. It was actually a very special day.

I had another special surprise when I looked on Facebook this morning, and just happen to discover that it is also Jill Sneed Brown's birthday.

Since both Jill and I are photographers we thought it would be a great idea to declare August 10th as the official BABB Photo Day.

Woohoo, so what is the official BABB Photo Day. We haven't discussed any details other that we would encourage each BABB member to post a photo on this day. (I think this should become a yearly thing.) So if any of you BABB members would like to participate please do. I would also purpose that since we got a late start on this, this year we extend the deadline for another day. (Heck we just discovered that we have the same birthday) Any other thoughts from you planning types would be greatly appreciated.  (I'm not a good planner.)

Here is my photo for the day. Judy bought me a killer tripod for my birthday. One of the other really cool things is that I started looking at medium format cameras. I started doing this after reading about Jill's recent purchase of a medium format camera, and some of her friends posts of photos that they have taken. I was telling my Pastor about this, he's also an avid photographer. He told me that he has 5 Mamiya cameras at home, and he'd loan me one to try. I met with him today after work, and I now have a Mamiya RZ67 Professional camera to try. This should be a lot of fun. (Both the tripod and Camera are featured in this photo.)

I hope some of you will be able to join in, and have fun with photography for our BABB Photo Day.



Jill A. Brown said...

Steve! Lovely camera! I cannot wait to see what you produce with the Mamiya!

I've gotta get my photo done! :) Off to shoot it!

Yay to the Annual BABB Photography Day!

Reverend Awesome said...

Oh that's awesome your pastor loaned you a camera! I can't wait to see photos! I don't know anything about what these cameras mean at all, but I know they must be great because everyone is so excited.
I asked Scott what they are. He thinks they are great.

I wish I could take pictures like you guys. What a talent.

I can't wait to see what everyone posts!

I love the picture. You're into it hardcore.