Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photography Adventure with Jill

So yesterday Jill was on facebook and was all like "I gotta go get pictures of these floods!" so I was all, "well if you're downtown stop on by." and then she's all, "do you want to go?" and I'm all "yeah!" and then we were all, okay, I'm done with that. We had a photography adventure and it was great.

Unlike the very talented Jill, I'm not a photographer. I like taking pictures and everything, but mostly I just see odd things and take their picture. I don't know anything about cameras or what makes a good composition. That's Jill's job. I was along for the adventure.
Our first stop was a stinky one. It's also super hot here in Iowa. Gross hot. The kind that makes me perpetually annoyed. The hot also made our lens fog up.
All clear.

This is destruction log. 
There's Jill not trespassing or breaking any rules at all. I don't know what kind of girl you take her for that you think she'd see a rule and just break it. How dare you!

I'll let you in on a little secret that's not at all a secret. I was taking this and I was thinking, "look how artsy and fancy I am!" My internal dialogue would horrify people. I'm ridiculous.
Found more flood!
This is some determined grass I spotted. 
Flood and sunset.
This is when things got weird. There were these people standing in the parking lot of an abandoned hotel conducting an interview. We drove by and they didn't even look at us! They just kept on with this weird interview. The conclusion we came to on facebook:
Added yesterday ·  · 
    • Jill Sneed Brown Creepy. I wish we would have had spy equipment so we could have heard that they were talking about!!
      19 hours ago ·  · 
    • Kasey Baker What if this was their first day and he was just an ultra weirdo and this is what they did?
      Or maybe he's asking her about how much fun it is to wear shirts with busy patterns.
      19 hours ago ·  · 
    • Jill Sneed Brown Maybe he's a reporter doing a top secret interview about some underground shirt bandits who steal all your shirts and replace them with crazy busy pattern ones.
      19 hours ago ·  · 
    • Kasey Baker Case closed.
      19 hours ago ·  · 

I tried to will the door open by whispering to it to be unlocked. It wasn't. 
You can see the paint falling off the ceiling in a big layer. 

I am obsessed with abandoned places. Every time I see one along the road I just want to go inside sooo badly! Let me go inside!
And here is a photograph of a garbage bag sneaking into the window of another hotel room. What a pervert!

Thanks for the photo adventure, Jill! I had a blast!


k.a. barnes said...

There used to be an old gun factory here that I heard was an amazing place to sneak through. I never did it myself but I saw some folks' pictures who had been in there and it was ka-reeeeepy.
When I lived in OH I was a permanent substitute teacher for a year and went out to this teeny farm school often to teach. There was an abandoned school about a mile away. I stopped & took pictures every time I was out there because it fascinated me- curtains still in the windows, you could even see a bit of writing on the chalk board! Like everyone just disappeared one afternoon. I was always alone, so I never dared go inside, but I would've in a minute if I'd had someone with me.

Reverend Awesome said...

Oh god that sounds so AMAZING!! I wish we all lived closer so we could go on abandoned places adventures. That's the thing isn't it! You can't go in if it's just you. You need a partner.

Isn't it so weird to think about what used to happen at these places and then just nothing. Nothing anymore. Like you said, like everyone just disappeared. I mean, it does seem like it must happen fast. All the sudden there is no one.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

That sunset-storage joint photo and the foggy yellow sign---wow, you just wonder when you get down to the hotel, where are teh zombies? :)

Gallow said...

To be truly artsy on the Queen Anne's lace photo you need to wear a berret, and scoff at all other artists attempts.

Liz said...

Someone told me the other day about a whole mining town in the woods, that is abandoned, aparently the buildings are gone, but the paved streets and sidewalks and foundations are still there and the woods has just grown up in and around it. I am making it a mission to find this place, and soon!

Reverend Awesome said...

I will work on my aloofness.

Oh god. I want to go to a mining place in the woods! Dang. Yes! Find it. Take pictures!

Jill A. Brown said...

Oh it was fun! ( I can't believe I cam just now reading this!) I love your shots Kasey! :)

I would love go into an abandoned building or abandoned towns! We should try to find some around here.


George and Maureen Johnson said...

This is extremely interesting, everyone's replies just magnifies the strange turns life can take for some people, it's just nature, and we are helpless against it.