Friday, August 6, 2010

This isn't about's about "Way Cool"!

Okay everyone knows here I am not a "girlie, girl", but I have to admit I had reservations about being treated to a Spa, where our daughter Carrie works. I promised to behave myself (that alone is a milestone for me)! So the saga begins:
The spa is immaculate, all the busy workers, people (some beautiful people of course), and then there is me! Anyway our daughter Carrie comes up to me in her scrubs, and says, "Time for you Mom"...oh God! Who in God's name would think you could do anything with a body that was neglected for 57 lol lol...:0)
Anyway, the procedures she does is through Bioelements (way cool company) anyway, She proceeds to work on me. The facial was the most wonderful experience in the world, took about an hour. During the treatment she placed these two pads on my eyes that felt like "cool cucumbers" ahhhh! The treatment started, she put all these herbs on my face, wrapped me up like a burrito, but with my nostrils exposed of course, and applied warmth. At that point I was relaxing, visions of my head shrinking became real. Hey, are they shrinking my head? Like in "Beetleguise"? I just laid there, relaxing and really getting into this weird feeling. It was awesome! When she finished I was astounded, I had skin under that armour I wore for so many years.
On the the Chinese Herbal Body wrap, with acupressure, chakra, massage. They also do herbal scent therapy along with it. While I laid there, all wrapped up, after all the Herbs were on me, and the massage started, visions of a million colors started to appear, I though, God I have never done drugs, but I think I am on an acid trip! lol lol lol...:) It felt like my body was floating, she also incorporated a lymph node massage, OMG, that was another experience. I could feel my cells talking to me saying, "Hi, thanks for feeding us, we were starving"! Carrie is the greatest massage artists in the world, I told her you are worth a million dollars. Why in God's name would anyone do drugs when you can do that body wrap thing? Beats me. When she unwrapped me I felt like one of those humans in Cocoon...not kidding, for real.
I told her, "I will now be jealous of my roasts, when I give them an herbal rub, before baking! lol lol lol..:) I am going to yell to the turkey carcass, "Quit bitching, I am jealous"! lol lol lol..:)
I told my husband, if you do not allow our daughter to do this for you, you are really a stupid person, It was fabulous experience. Woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and couldn't believe it was me! I am totally honest with you. I didn't look haggard, or sleepy, or stressed. It was truly like being reborn. To think we can get this for free! Holy Cows, she has been trying to talk us into this for a year now. OKAY WE ARE STUPID, AND WAY TOO SET IN OUR WAYS!
Love you guys, and wouldn't lie to you! It was brilliant! and Other worldly" for me!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OMIGOD, you were wrapped up like a burrito and it felt great? Maybe the next BABB conference will be held in Wisconsin...

Gary's third pottery blog said...
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k.a. barnes said...

I love the image you yelling at the turkey carcass that you're jealous of it! Massages are wonderful, aren't they?? My birthday present to me each year is some kind of massage/aromatherapy treat. My sister just applied to the finger lakes school of massage therapy here in Ithaca and even if she has to live with us for the 7 months she's in training, I'm so gonna get all the free rubs out of it that I can.

Reverend Awesome said...

HAHA! Jealous of the turkey!
I got my first massage ever this year. It stressed me out because I didn't know what to expect and didn't know the place and I had to keep being reminded to relax.
She did work all the knots out of my back. That was quite a task!
I would like to do it again, maybe. I want someone to go with me next time. I get to be such a nervous nelly with new places.

Jill A. Brown said...

So you may have swayed me in going to the spa! What a lovely experience!!! ;)