Thursday, September 30, 2010

BAMF Art Blog Bunch Tim Burton*ish show

We are the BAMF Art Blog Bunch a group of eleven artists from around the world and we have a group blog full of nonsense and creative fun at the BABB Blog.

We decided that for fall and October we would do a theme related to the illustrator-director-story teller Tim Burt0n. The entries below are all our seperate and creative takes on the theme and some of our relatives are also exhibiting, tres exciting, have a look!

Gary Rith
I have been fiddling with skulls on black pots for awhile. At one point, Kasey mentioned "teh goths rock teh black and red" and she was right, and I added red with the black, and another time kasey was like "OH! I love hearts and skulls!" and she is getting married and I made sure she got a teapot with hearts and skulls, but this week for this exhibit I wanted to take the idea a little further. I wanted a spirally teapot with a groovy handle, but then I was wondering if I could also paint on a spooky skull.....and I did :) These cups and teapot are available by emailing me at and other items like them are already for sale at my etsy gallery.My name is Gary Rith and my blog is here. I can be reached at and my website is and my etsy gallery is here.

Becky Jo Brandow
It's kinda JACK-like. :)

I love a Nightmare Before Christmas.. Jack might be my favorite non-human character ever.. he's creepy, he can be nice, but mostly he's just a fun weirdo character. I wanted to get a little bit of Jack into my BABB Tim Burton*ish project, so I just planted him in the bottom of a Halloween colored bowl. This bowl is available in my Etsy Shop or you can see more photos, plus fun pottery stuff at my BLOG. If the bowl is already sold, I'm making a few more... you can contact me at if you just can't live without one. :)

Jill Sneed Brown
Hi folks! Typically I am a portrait and wedding photographer, but I have this lovely image of my daughter. I picked it because it's kinda spooky looking with her running in the woods in a white dress.... like she's being chased by some spooky creature. With it's creepy yet whimsical feel - I thought it would be a perfect fit for the BABB Tim Burton-ish Show!

My website is Jill Brown Photography
My blog is Jill Brown Photography Blog
My Etsy

Kerry Barnes
I bring you...
Walter Scissorhands!

Why are you hiding back there? You don't have to hide from me - I'm Peg Boggs, your local Avon representative and I'm as harmless as cherry pie... Oh, my. What happened to you?

I'm not finished.

The years spent in isolation have not equipped him with the tools necessary to judge right from wrong. He's had no context. He's been completely without guidance. Furthermore, his work - the garden sculptures, hairstyles and so forth - indicate that he's a highly imaginative... uh... character. It seems clear that his awareness of what we call reality is radically underdeveloped.

Hold me!
I can't.

When I think of Tim Burton, I think of a spooky atmosphere, but there also seems to be a story behind each image. The first image is from an abandoned Fort Williams in Maine.

The second image is from an interesting building at Cornell University. In the fall we have a lot of dreary cloudy days. This is an excellent time to capture a spooky mood with black and white.

Check out these photos, and other photos at my SmugMug site.


Maureen Johnson

This piece is called "Oogie Boogie Blood and Guts Bowl". When thinking of Tim Burton and his wonderful animations mainly the "Night Before Christmas", which George and I adored what comes to mind is always the macabre . His creations always hold me spellbound even though they are at times gory and somewhat repulsive to the Max.

The character I created was to represent his wonderful animated characters. This one met his match and wound up squished into a soup for a Monsters dinner.

It is made out of stoneware, fired to cone 6, the character is hand sculpted.
The soup consists of tomato soup, salsa, pasta, and provolone cheese cut into bones. MMM so delicious and rated four stars by ghouls, trolls, monsters everywhere
Kasey Baker

Our entries. I decided to name it because that's what you do with FINE ART such as this. So, this is Creature in Love. When you're not really human, not really alive and not really anything found in nature you just sort of creep about in graveyards when you fall in love. I can't tell you why because I am a human most days.

So my entry is the drawing. Scott's entry is he colored in my drawing. We're a team and humans.

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Ghosties by India Haines
India created this painting using acrylics, paper and ink on canvas. It is inspired by the many Tim Burton movies she has watched over the years. Ghosties, and more of India's work can be seen at her Mom's Blog. This work and another mysterious collaboration piece by India's Mom, and Brother Mason will soon be available for sale on Zibbet, just follow the links in the sidebar at Lizziespots


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Beckster, you have had the most AMAZINGLY creative year, I cannot believe what has happened to your work wowie! This is the cutest bowl, and Jilly Bean, holy cats,it is spooky, but wonderful too!

Jill A. Brown said...

I am LOVING this!!! Keep 'em coming!!!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Jill, I truly love the photograph, that is spectacular. It reminds me of the "Willies" in the Ballet "Gisselle". This is really a wonderful, creative, spooky, work...It's fantastic.
Gary, you Skull series is the "Bomb". I love how you combine the classical pottery, with the subtle skulls. It's a well thought out piece of work. This is the kind of piece that if one used it at a dinner party, first it would be silence, and then, Yikes those are skulls..great work.
And The Uglie with the Scissor Hands, and the story is also a trip into the psyche , just as Tim Burton is.
Oh and the Jack bowl, he too was a favorite character of mine, always. Like Beck says, he is good, but.....
sort of how each of us are, Unique, Individual, and Oh so creative.
Great Job everyone, Love it!

Reverend Awesome said...

The skull series is the bomb! Maureen is right. I love it soooooo much! I love my teapot. There's just something about skulls, I'm obsessed.
Jill that photo is super rad! You take all kinds of super rad pictures, but that one is maybe my favorite I've ever seen.
And the Ugglies! I was hoping there would be and Ugglie appearance for the show.
And I just think Becky's bowl is the bee's knees. I gotta get mine posted. Work and life needs to stop getting in the way of my internetting.

Gallow said...

Incredible mugs, bowls, and photos. Great work BABB members.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

MAUREEN your picture with the floating bones, oh golly!!!!!! That bowl with the spooky dude is SO warped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stevo, many of your balck and white pics are wonderfully spooky, is there a side to you...?

Jill A. Brown said...

These are AWESOME!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

whoa! Kasey and Scott and India, wow! We have entries from almost all of us, yaaaaay! SSOOOOOO good :)

George and Maureen Johnson said...

We are so creative, and wonderful...WE ARE AWESOME! God we do creepy great! Oh how inspiring to be with such a creative, wonderful group.