Thursday, September 9, 2010

mixed breed dogs

My Penny is, famously, a small beagle. BUT, our first dog petey, who was awesome, was a beagle corgi mix--cute and smart. Our next dog jack was a purebred black lab. Our 3rd dog is Buster, a black lab rottie mix,probably the best and nicest dog on earth--so friendly and quiet and fun and sweet natured (and nearly 12). Jack had epilepsy and lived to 12 and a half. Penny is adorable and loveable, but very beaglish (noisy, willfull, but did I mention adorable too?). Petey and Buster were really relaxed and healthy. You hear that mixed breed dogs are healthier--hybrid vigor. I would never go out of my way to get a purebred, all of our pets just happened to come to us needing a home. Stevo has Tank, a GREAT dog, also a lab mix. I love lab mixes--all the fun of a lab, hopefully without the inherited health problems. Lizzie has that white fuzzy thing. I saw a puggle on the street recently, pug-beagle mix. Handsome, cute, NOT noisy, and without the pug breathing problems (snorfle snorfle).
But you get thinking: "what makes a fun mixed breed?".
And it could be funny.
Like, you mix a PUG with a keg of beer, and you get a PEG! You mix a shark with a Pomerainian and you get a PARK! Or real mixes.
What would you mix?????


George and Maureen Johnson said...

Oh this is great Gary, what fun! :) Penny and Buster...YAHOO! Buster does look oh so sweet, and Penny is YAHOO it's beagle time! Now I know why they used a beagle for "Snoopy" in lol lol...they are a "Wiley Bunch"! :)

Fran said...

What is this dog in the picture? It looks like a panda. I love it.