Tuesday, September 28, 2010

sh!t in my car....

Here's a new series OK? BABB members, what is in your car? Our car is 2005 but too new (one month with us!) to be loaded down with the usual crapola. BUT, some things made the move. Like the NY maps, and some of my stuffed toys. The brown dog on the upper left was given to us when we had our first car, a red subaru wagon, by one of our students. It is a brown beanie baby dog, looked just like our first dog PETEY. Petey was a corgi-beagle mix, a cute and tough little dog who lived to nearly 19. First car, first dog, first stuffed toy in the car, and it has been in every car we had since (4 or 5). The Snoopy and black lab next to Petey were found in various parking lots which we found several years ago, and that is EXACTLY what we have for real now, Buster the black lab and Penny the beagle. Then a couple of weeks ago we found the little unicorn, which fits perfecty into our new ashtray, the first new toy for this car.


Reverend Awesome said...

Awww. Your car has great stuff in it. It's organized greatness.
My car is messy! I have tissue paper, a cooler from the party bus, a plastic easel in 70's packaging.
I leave stuff out there sometimes when I can't carry it upstairs and then it just stays in the car for way too long.

Becky Jo said...

Right this very second, I don't think there is a ton of stuff in my car... I know that there is a pair of gloves my uncle got for me from the airforce base in Cheyenne in the glovebox, a bag of t-shirts I've been meaning to give to Gabbi, some loose change, some granola bar wrappers, and a tire pressure gauge. Not very fun.. BUT, Brian has a tiny Buddha on the dash in the Festacruiser. :)

Liz said...

Mason Cleaned my car out last week before I went to Halifax, but it is gradually getting back to normal. The few things that are a standard item in my car are as follows...
1) CD's The Grateful Dead, Europe 72, Reckoning and Dick's Picks Volume 11
Greenday, American Idiot, more often than not Dookie is there as well.
Joni Mitchell Ladies of the Canyon

A crazy mix CD that my friend Char made for me when I bought my car. It has everything cool imaginable on it. Grateful dead, Anni difranco, cake, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Lilly Allen and much much more.. and ends off with Phish, Dirt.
Ramones, Live in New York. REM monster, Juno soundtrack, Oh Brother Whereart Thou, Soundtrack, Empire Records Soundtrack
the Allman brothers Greatest hits or best of or some such vague title, The Band- Best of, Ella and Louis. There are more, but I feel ashamed at the amount listed.....
2) maps for various cities in Eastern Canada
3) Car Blanket, Dharma blanket, paper towel/wet wipes,empty clay box.
I should probably fess up to the eminem cd as well

Gary's third pottery blog said...

ooof, Lizzie, until the m and m cd I was thinking you were the absolute COOLEST. If I looked in the trunk of the car, I should say, there is probably a 22 pound bag of dog food and a 40 pound box of cat litter--until needed, they stay there :)

Gallow said...

-A Small Pink Flamingo

-The Latest Book that I'm reading from the Tuesday Morning Book Study

-A Pitch Fork and a Sythe as Props for a Tim Burton photograph that I still haven't taken.

-Beer Bottles and Soda Bottles that were not accepted at the return place.

-An antique Floor Register that I thought I might use someday.

-My tripod

-Hiking Boots

-Water Bottle

George and Maureen Johnson said...

We don't keep much in our car because around here they are always broken into. They take anything, even kleenex.
In our trunk we have a boat load of plastic grocery bags we take to the share center, and a few boxes for them.
Folding chair, umbrella, ice scrapers, in glove box, maps, and a magnifying glass to read them, registration for car, and car manual.
If I put cute toys they would be gone in one day!

k.a. barnes said...

Ack. My car is disgusting.
I will spare you nice people from its indignity. And iniquities.