Monday, September 13, 2010

Tank at rest

One of the few moments when Tank is resting.
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George and Maureen Johnson said...

OMG Stevo I just want to hug this dog forever! lol lol lol :) I have always loved labs, they can be quite the handful at times, but oh so way worth it! Every panting, bouncing, pushing, shoving, part of them.
Every Lab I have ever met, after they get to know you have this look....that only a Lab has. It truly melts your heart. When I am a round Labs I am always, always, laughing! lol lol lol :) I love how the owners would start to yell at them to settle down, and the Lab would just look at me like, "Geez what a crab"! :D

Reverend Awesome said...

All tuckered out from Pato Fest.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

He is so sleek and glossy :) STEVO! No argyle socks?

Fran said...

Tank is a great name.