Friday, September 24, 2010

weirdos I have loved!

In my Bohemian life I have met so many that I have learned to love I could do stand up for years straight. But to get serious, the first one that comes to mind is the "Legitimately Professionally Diagnosed " Paranoid Schizophrenic " neighbor we had for many years. George and I loved him.
His wife worked and he stayed home naturally. His wife was a wonderful woman, full of compassion (most of the time), and her love and devotion to him and the family was admirable.
Well we loved Old Tom, may his soul RIP, he was great. Loved to hear all his stories, like every two minutes.
Seeing the world through his eyes was a magnificent trip for me mentally. Oh how I longed to be part of his world in his mind. I could write a book just on him. He would come to our fence and tell of all the wonderful creatures, and how he talked to Adam and Eve in our garden everyday. He would tell stories of UFOs, government conspiracy , and the list goes on.
He would describe George and I in such wonderful ways, like we were a God and Goddess.
Once George invited him to our house to see the movie "Alien" when it first came out...WHOA bad idea. Our kindness turned into nightmares for his poor wife. We meant well, but it was a disaster for his wife.
Another time I freaked out because I saw him going out in a body bag with his head stuck out the top. I ran over to the rescue workers and they said, "Don't worry, his wife is on the way", "Ole Tom here took the wrong medicine and ate a huge lunch and had such severe diarrhea that he pooped all over the house. They said we had to put him in a body bag till we can get him cleaned up. Poor Tom was still talking about the Aliens, and UFOs. The workers just smiled, and pat him on his head and said, "Don't worry Tom, you are going to be fine"....but when your wife comes home and sees the mess, now that is another story.
He always told us stories about the government and what it did to him. He was a veteran and came home from the war like that.
We loved him, and he loved us. His wife adored us, and we her. We always embraced Old Tom, and welcomed him into our life, and kept an eye on him for her when she wasn't home.
Our daughter loved him, and his kids, and she too compassionately loved, and thought he was quite cool.
If only the way Tom saw the world was true for all of us....,imaginative exciting, and full of wonders. Everyday was story day for George and I with Tom around. George and I always felt loved and special when we were with him. If only how he saw us, as he did, we would be King and Queen of Fredonia too totally he was harmless, rejected by everyone, and induced fear for no reason by the so called "normal" people....Pshaw, what do they know? They Fail! We Won!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

imaginative too?

Reverend Awesome said...

Oh I bet he was great to have conversations with!
Yay for weirdos!