Wednesday, January 19, 2011


When you start putting various and seemingly random photos together, they begin to suggest or speak a language, as in pictographs or pictograms.  What do these images say.  What do they mean if anything.  I think the interest could live in the simple grouping of them.  However our brains want to make something more.  Solve a puzzle.  So what are these images saying?  Is it a sentence, paragraph, short story?  Or maybe a simple sound or idea.  

painting by william oberst


Gary's third pottery blog said...

That painting of your friend you did in the blue shirt? I shoulda stolen that outta your john, Benji, when I had a chance :)

BSOB said...

yeah, its a popular one for sure. especially in that barn full of men

Reverend Awesome said...

To me this is saying:

Once upon a time there a a young, disembodied head. This Head wasn't like other heads. This Head used punctuation, it punctured. And then one day the Head's master sold our beloved head.

Chaos ensued! Left was right. Down was up. CAT really spelled DOG.

People mourned the loss of their gifted and beloved Head. Somehow our sadness united us all.

Out of the corner of our eyes we thought we'd caught a glimpse of Head. Was I imagining things? Or was that Head? Ahh. Twas just my imagination.

People searched far and wide for Head. They explored caves. Finding Head became a quest not many dared to take. Some women even looked for Head in their pants. As far as I know none of them found him there, but they had an okay time looking.

As it turns out the entire world was sharing a fever dream. There never was a Head. Soon after the great Head panic of '09 we were all mass vaccinated. The side effects were awful.

In the end Head still lives in our hearts.

George and Maureen Johnson said...

WOW you know I love this blog. I adore surrealism, it's my absolute love! and love your comment Rev Awesome....this is great!

BSOB said...

i was hoping someone would have the guts to reveal the true story behind Head