Friday, January 7, 2011

A Typical Week on the Bus

A couple of years ago I started riding the bus to work. Basically I'm trying to change my life style to help reduce my carbon footprint.

I really like all types of people, and soon met a lot of people from a lot of walks of life. These three photos are all from this week.

Meet Scott. He works hard at the local home depot. He works very hard, and sometimes is very tired on his way to work.

This is Tony. I'm not sure of Tony's story. He's a student that goes to school in Ithaca. He always has unique ways of dressing. He seemed please that I asked if I could take his photo, and asked for some copies.

Meet Charles. He is in some trouble with the law, and has to wear this ankle bracelet for the next 4 months. He's also a student. He seemed very proud of the bracelet, but today was only the first day.

Every person has a story. I love to hear them, hear their aspirations, hear about their day. I think of the lyrics to the chorus of the song "Jesus Shaves" by The Roches

blessed are the ones who make peace,
blessed are the ones who scrape by,
blessed are the ones living holy lives
and here’s to the rest of us who try


Reverend Awesome said...

I just love these photos and stories! I love people's stories.

That's a rad picture of Tony. Let me know what he says when you give it to him. That's really awesome.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

The wife tells me you always sit in back with the guys sipping out of the paper bag. She sits in front with the gals and they chat about books :) Awesome photo essay Stev0!

k.a. barnes said...

This is so cool! I love that you're getting their stories as well as their pictures. Keep 'em coming!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Really wonderful it! Ah yes it's really all about people. I always have learned something from absolutely every person I talk to (and you know I am a curious yakker)! lol When I worked in psychiatry I learned so much, sometimes too much, but learned that Jesus's words (the Beatitudes) is really where it's at. We can all learn from each other, which is far more enlightening and interesting than money, and capitalism. I am way too removed from the latter, so keep these coming we love em...we love you and your family....sign off from the "Common Clay" and lovin it! lol :)

Gallow said...

I showed Tony the photos today. (I had sent them last week to his email, but they didn't make it through. I sent them again today.) He really liked them, and showed me some of his art work. He does a lot of self portraits.