Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Brief History of Me

I'll start with the first song I was ever obsessed with, Elvira. I named my dog after this song. I thought that low voiced guy was a laugh riot.

And my obsession as a kid (a super idiotic choice for a kid) was Prince. Purple Rain came out in 1984. I was 5. I heard his songs on the radio and I just loved them so much! I would blast it on the radio at home. My dad would sometimes get mad at me for listening to him. I didn't understand why at the time, I am pretty sure I do now though. 

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince just got me.

In Elementary School I was all about New Kids. Hard core fan. Listening to them is still A LOT of fun.

Now here's where my music started to become a real obsession for me. The following are all artists I was hardcore into throughout my time on this planet. There are more, but these are standing out right now and that's when I'm writing this post. 

Then I fell hardcore obsessed with Nirvana.

I bought Apocalypose 91...The Enemy Strikes Black. I loved it so much I had to buy their older albums. 

Then Headbangers Ball started and there was this cool dude drawing pictures all over the set. Rob Zombie! White Zombie obsession, ahoy! I tried copying his drawings all over my garage floor in chalk. I thought then and still think he's an amazing artist and he seems so nice. I think we should be friends.

Then Metallica. My parents both attended Metallic concerts with me. You can listen HERE. They became weirdos about music piracy, that's probably why I can't embed it. 

Then my Dad took me to Pink Floyd! 
Whew. After listening to the rest of my list that was a much needed couple minutes of calming down. 

I listened to The Chronic like it was my job. 

Then I got a new job.  
I really love that job.

And Hole. Video can't be embedded, but I love it so I didn't want to choose another video. So watch it...if you want to. 

Then you just want to laugh. 

And Bounce Back

And go completely crazy in the best way ever. 




Look how he's grown. Shout out to our resident ballerina, Maureen.


Liz said...

the soundtrack of your life is AWESOME!!

k.a. barnes said...

Dead Kennedys + Black Flag + Hole= Awesome
You rock.