Wednesday, August 31, 2011

booze it up!

I was outside with the wee pup a minute ago and have had trouble with WASPS this summer, including a couple of the flippin' things today, and that got me wondering "what is that old time cocktail, a STINGER???" and looked it up. Mentioned on Mad Men, of course!

3 parts brandy
1 part white crème de menthe
Preparation Mix in a cocktail shaker and strain into a cocktail glass. May also be served on rocks in a rocks glass.

Made me remember all the disgusting things I drank in college, like blackberry brandy, Boone's farm, Night Train (HOBO DRINKS!), and pink champers to be classy (2 and change a bottle--def. impressed the chicks).

You grow older, your tastes mature, or change, or whatevs. I know Kasey likes kcitos, her own invention, or root beer and rum, and she can comment about those, but I ask myself, and you, what drinks and how to mix them, do you like? What do you hate???

One drink I like is the whiskey sour. Sure, you can buy the mix and all that, or look up a recipe, but Uncle gary can tell you this: put some ice in the blender, put some lemonade in there, pour on a couple shots of a mild whiskey like Jameson and hit PUREE or one of those buttons, until it is a happy little slushy, pour it into your glass, add a cherry and orange slice if you wish.

Drinks I hate??? Our local beer company has this apricot wheat beer, holy cats it is VILE. (speaking of cats, and, well, piss)

What do you like and what do you hate for booze?


Gallow said...

I used to like Jack Daniels until my 21st birthday. Let's just say drinking 1/2 a bottle of that at one sitting is not a good idea. I've never had it since.

I like margarita's with tequila, triple sec, Rosa's Lime Juice, some ice, and salt around the rim. (No umbrellas, no fruity additives.

Beer I like Alaska Amber as my favorite. You cannot get it around here. I also like Great Lakes Burning River.

Reverend Awesome said...

I don't really like beer. Which people have a hard time accepting about me. I can drink it, I just don't like to drink it.

I like basically rum based drinks. And white wine. (That's right, I also don't like red wine. Bummer.)

As long as liquor is mixed up with something tasty, I like it. It's beer and red wine that cause most of my problems.

Oh, and there's nothing more upsetting then ordering a rum and coke and receiving a whiskey and coke. That combo doesn't work for me.