Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GOOD GOD what is wrong with you, can't you see there is a VIP on the left?

A very important poll??????????????? VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure looks like Ben's handiwork :)

OK, important. Somebody I worked with once was very wise and said "every evening at dinner, me and the kids say something good that happened that day, something bad that happened and something that they learned".

OK, how about YOU and ME?

Today. Hmm. All of flippin' today was GOOD. Every damn part of it. The best part???? Well, i guess it was the last bottle of my Blue Star wheat beer six pack i got for father's day. Pretty good trick, eh, NOT being a father but convincing my beagle that I am and that she has to give me presents and breakfast and bed in June.

Something bad today?????? Good lord. it was a flippin' great day. OK, I guess it was, um, the nasty BLURG the cat barfed on the kitchen floor.

Something I learned today???? God, I am exhausted now...all this thinking.......but, OK, I learned that Ned's pizza is a) the best pizza in town, according to some, and b) has a falafal platter! There, wow, i am so much wiser than I was.....


Gallow said...

I've been to Ned's several times. It is great!

Reverend Awesome said...

Something good: Me and Heath's morning weekend recap
Something bad: The 3 day weekend was over. So, time to get back to it.
Something I learned: I watched the local news tonight so I feel like I learned things watching that. Weird, local things.