Monday, January 7, 2013

Two Thousand Twelve

Man... this past year was a BLUR.  So many things happened... I went to KC for a work trip... I went to CO for a girls weekend in the mountains... I went to Eureka Springs, AR for a all girls camping trip... I went to Galveston, TX to watch my friend get married on the beach... Sold my house.... bought a new house... moved (of course)... have had lots of visitors in town... and still managed to be a wife, mom of 3 daughters, work my full-time job and run my business.

In two thousand THIRTEEN I plan on making it a little bit less CrAzY.  I am working on two personal projects - which I am super excited about.  One is to make 1000 paper cranes for an installation above my bead (I think I have about 100 made ... This is going to take all year).  The other is to work on some Polaroid emulsion and image transfers and eventually work up to large mixed media works.  I'm pretty excited.  I will still be doing all the other things... working my jobby-job, being a wedding/portrait photography business owner, etc but I am super excited to have some really fun personal projects this year!  WOOT!

OH!  And I almost forgot!  I did a session for Ichi Bike here in Des Moines.  My photos are going to be published in a book called My Cool Bike!  It will be published in August 2013 and you can buy it here on Amazon!!!

 New Years Eve 2011-2012 in Lake of the Ozarks with peeps I've known for 20 years!

Set up 3 aquariums...

We became grandparents!!

Stayed in a mountain cabin with these lovely ladies

All girls camping weekend in Arkansas

Shot my friend's wedding on the beach in Galveston, TX

My girls on their first day of school

Hannah's first Homecoming dance

Sold our house

Bought a house

Have a new puppy, Annabelle

Working on my new project!

A few photos of me doing one of my favorite things

Me and my awesome family (less my step kids who we don't see often - sad face)

Well... I think that about sums up my 2012!

So... how was YOUR 2012???!!!


Jill Brown said...


Reverend Awesome said...

Oh wow! You knocked 2012 out of the park!!! Holy cow. Congrats in the new house! It's gorgeous! Are you guys all settled in? We proudly have Jill Brown Photos displayed! Just love them!!!

Your girls are soo beautiful. Just like their momma!

I'll bring my work computer home this weekend and get a year end post up! You've inspired me!

Jill Brown said...

We are getting settled in! So nice to have so much room for everybody. I can't wait to see your piece of paradise!! Yeah for BABB blog posts!!!!