Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Abbott's Anniversay Cake Caper

When I worked at the Monastery I was a housekeeper during the week preparing rooms for guests. The Monks area is cloistered, but they had three floors of guest rooms. They had a full house every weekend. On weekends I worked in the kitchen, part of the prep food gang, which consisted of Brother Thomas, and myself. If we needed more help, obviously other Monks would pitch in.

One year, it was the biggest "wing ding" ever being hosted at the Monastery. It was the Abbott's 50th. Anniversary into the priesthood. His whole family, and all his friends were attending. So this was a genuine sit down dinner. Fancy china, special seating, the works. We had two entrees to prepare, meat and fish, as well as a complete dinner. Shrimp cocktails appetizers, and many more. The whole Monastery was involved to make this the most special day for him and his company. I even had to make Chocolate Mousse, with whipped cream, and shaved chocolate. Everything had to be made individually, no buffet style. Tons of food to prepare. He had about 150 out of town guests to get this all together for. They were even getting wine with their dinner....fancy stuff! :)

The week went fast, and we had so much fun! All the Monks involved, even one Monk provided Valet parking lol :) So the cook was designing and making this wonderful tiered cake, really beautiful. She ordered these spectacular plastic crosses to adorn the tiers, and a large one for the top. She made all the cake tiers, and decorated the cake. She said she would put the crosses on just before service so the cake would set up. I say, Okay, gotcha!

Everything went splendid, I had to wait tables, the fun was off the fun meter. It was so wonderful, and all the billion compliments. I went to the kitchen to start the cake prep. All of a sudden the cook says, "Oh My God, I am missing one of the plastic crosses, it must of gotten baked in the cake, she started to cry"! I said, "Hey I will serve the cake, and cut each piece individually, and hand it to them, but before I do, I will poke each piece gently to make sure they don't get it"! :) lol lol lol...She hugged me, sobbing, and said, "Oh thank you, but be discreet"!

Well the cake got a standing ovation when it was wheeled into the room. The Abbott started his speech. Brother Thomas wheeled the cart, as I carefully cut the cake for each person. I would slightly turn to the side and gently poke each piece; then hand them their cake with a great big smile. They said nothing, just smiled. I though, Thank God, they don't notice me doing this. I overheard this woman say quietly, in a whisper, "Isn't it nice how the Monks hire those people too"! lol loll lol lol :) Oh no, they do notice that I am doing something weird with their cake. All of a sudden, this well dressed banker cousin of the Abbott's stands up and yells, "Hey everyone I got the prize, it's a cross"!

The whole room started to laugh, I looked over at the cook, she ran away outside crying her eyes out. The Monks went outside, hugged her, and said, "The dinner is splendid, all had a great time, there is nothing to cry about"! Besides, the Abbott was amused. lol lol lol

We all got hugged, told how great it all was, and they thought the cake story was hilarious! :)


Reverend Awesome said...

Can you imagine a monk valeting your car?! Oh my gosh. That would be a story I would have to tell everyone for the rest of my life.

That story is so sweet! A standing ovation!
Cross prizes in cake. Hilarious.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

MAUREEN, NO! Golly, thanks SO much for these stories, DO NOT STOP.

Liz said...

that is hilarious!

Maureen Johnson said...

I am really happy you enjoy these stories. I hold them dear to my heart. I have a bunch of experiences there, and if you all truly want me to tell them I will. I don't want to bore the group, I really love you guys...seriously! :) You are truly fun people, and so are the Monks.

Gallow said...

Plus there is the Monastic Order of the Chapter House for BABB members that are in the Ithaca area on Friday Nights.

Reverend Awesome said...

Yes, we want you to tell more!