Saturday, June 19, 2010

Work at the Monastery

I am extremely excited to be part of this group. I am also very delighted to know that so many of you want to find out about my job at the Monastery. As soon as the rain stops around here I will be visiting another Monastery that I am part of, and I will post photos.

Working in the Monastery was much like going to work in a Medieval Castle everyday. The monks were always in their robes. It as hard to address them when they past because you didn't know which ones were which. lol lol lol...! :)
It always fascinated me to see them walking side by side, down the dark, long halls, quiet. It was somehow "Other Worldly" to me.
The Monks were highly intelligient, well read, articulate, and some were great artists themselves, and all were great art appreciaters.
I am very fortunate to have them as friends. Wonderful to work for. Always kind, loving, humble, and oh so human. Monks are not priests, although some had priestly duties, such as saying mass, etc...!
One Monk that resided there, he has passed on since, was Father Francis Reedy. He was very concerned for animals, and here is a photo of him making a bird house. Father Francis was a true living saint. There is even a book written on him called "The Blue Man". He was just like Mother Teresa. When I worked with him, he filled my life, and heart with great joy. I had some real ethereal, spiritual, experiences with him. I am truly blessed to of known him.
The other photo is of George and I teaching the Old Testament to children. I taught them through Art. They really had a great time, and so did George and I. We taught for 6 years.
I could write a million stories about working there...:) If there are specific questions, ask away.
Love to all, Maureen


Gallow said...

What a great place to work. I'd be interested in hearing more about your feeling of "Other Wordly".

At times I follow a routine of Contemplative (Centering)Prayer. I've read Father Thomas Keating's books. I think it's very similar to meditation. I find that it helps me when things are very stressful, and to wrapped up in day to day living. I would think that working in a Monastary would have a similar effect, but would be interested in hearing more.

Jill A. Brown said...

Wow... that is amazing... what a wonderful place to be. :)

Jill A. Brown said...

Wow... that is amazing... what a wonderful place to be. :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Maureen, the things you have done and the places! I have always respected the work done in monasteries---education, scholarship, baking and farming, wow!

Gordo said...

Like Gary, I also have no end of respect for the work done in monasteries. Wonderful. The race of bees that we have in our hives were developed at Buckfast Abbey in England by Brother Adam after many of the native bees were wiped out by disease.

Maureen Johnson said...

I am so happy that you wish to share in my experiences at the Monastery. I think that if I can somehow bring "alive" for all of you the truly wonder and awe that is present in our daily lives; I will then feel good knowing that I was able to bring something of tangible value to everyone. You all bring me that gift, so now I can repay you! :)

Reverend Awesome said...

It's weird to think of them just going about business as if they are just regular people. Playing with animals and stuff. Very cool. You were a part of a world most of us will never see. Thanks for sharing!