Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can I Look Through Your Purse?

Kids love looking through my purse. I'll admit, I'd like to look through purse's as well. Not to steal, to learn. In fact, one time Heath and I were drunk and going through purses during a bus party. We didn't remember doing so, but there are pictures of us digging around in a purse that didn't belong to us.

Kerry showed me a site and thought this would be a good BABB project. Hell yes it is! And now I present to you, my purse. (Afeni was not in my purse. She just immediately sprawled out on top of its contents.

Bag contents include:
Package of watercolor cards
Pudding pack I forgot to put in the fridge today
An actual purse that I keep in my bag in case I run into a purse carrying situation
Rainbow colored ribbon
4 batteries
My Dad's senior picture
Tiny pencil from 48 Hour Film Project
Lighter in case something needs set on fire. Evidence.
Coin purse
Funeral program
Heath's answers for a shower game. One of the answers was Underground Railroad.
2 hair ties
2 Target gift cards
Fong's receipt
Target receipt
a dime

Should I do a wallet inventory too? I will. No photos though.

Barnes and Noble Gift Card with a few dollars on it
Toys R Us Rewards Card
Dan Bauman's business card
My b.c.
Becky's b.c.
Gary's b.c.
Gift certificate to a spa with a pedicure and manicure on it
Gortz Haus b.c.
SOULful Sacs b.c.
Health insurance card
Dental insurance card
Kyle's "Unit Arrive Alive" card. Cab drivers fill it out and send the bill to the Marines
Drivers license
A souvenir from Kyle 10 Commandments of Survival In the Desert When Lost or Stranded (for the curious #1 is "hold on to a survival attitude)
Visa gift card
The normal hair stylist I found's b.c. her name is Arwen
Credit union card
Hot topic rewards card I got when I bought Tori bandaids.
Art Store gift card
Debit card
Vision insurance card
Minister's license
Library card
Sephora rewards card

And that concludes your tour of my purse and wallet.


k.a. barnes said...

Yay!! I feel like such a voyeur!
I'll do mine tomorrow.
I may pick up some interesting stuff at the show tonight ;)

Fran said...

Woo hoo! What a great idea. The nieces like to go throw my purse too and pretend to search for gum.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

NICE...glad you have the pudding, just in case you are stuck in a cab in the dessert...and my card too, so you can give me a call to tell me how hot it is there!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Oh boy, if what we have in our purses, backpacks, etc...tell the world who we are, when I look in my purse I say, "WTF is this crap anyway"? lol lol lol ;)