Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Purse's Innards

Thanks for this idea because it definitely got my purse cleaned out!

1 pink tape measure
1 pack Orbit Wintermint gum
1 pack Trident Apple Layers gum
1 bottle of Ibuprofen
2 Tampons
1 Tom's Nature Care deodorant
1 Smith's Rosebud Salve
1 lipstick (620 Mica)
1 pair sunglasses
2 Taki pen
2 barrettes
2 AA batteries
1 camera
1 hand lotion
13 melted on paper Halls cough drops
1 black wallet

1 Mastercard
1 Walmart giftcard
Library Card
Incredible Pizza Company game card
Borders Reward Card
Office Depot Rewards Card
Certified Medical Assistant certification card temporary and permanent
CPR certification card
Sam's Club Card
Sophie and My insurance cards
Petco Rewards Card
Blockbuster rental card
Quicktrip Pump Card
Uniform store punch card
Kelly Bittner business card (art)
Kasey Baker business card (art)
Carolyn Merrigan business card (massage)
Childserv business card
Carrie Black business card (tattoo)
The Den lunch punch card
CD Warehouse stamp card
Lisa Lucas business card (YMCA for preschool)
Kaplan University business card
Bass Pro Shop free kid's meal with Santa card
Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar free drink card
Driver's license
14 stamps
1 Sinners & Saints free drink card
1 Voter Registration card
Auntie Em's free pretzel coupons
0 dollars
$1.85 in change
unattached zipper


Gary's third pottery blog said...

don't you think melted cough drops are one of those urban scourges, destroying stuff in purses and pockets worldwide?

Reverend Awesome said...

I love that you included you had zero dollars. I think my purse is usually messier than it was at this time.

I usually have gum and melted candies as well. YAY for me and Kelly's business cards!