Thursday, August 26, 2010


You can see Spike on my red back pack on the chair at the right. What is it with cats and bags and stuff? Always checking for tuna????
WHAT do I have here....
(I was out late yesterday evening at a show, so I have more junk than usual I guess)
-cell phone-
-rotten sock monkey stow away
-NY magazine
-button from asia society
-keys, wallet, change
-various pens and pencils
-little notebook I made for my more brilliant ideas
-filofax calendar, and believe me, today's list is LONG
-post cards and business cards and a pig I made to hold them
-glasses case with clip ons
-a variety of wet naps---good lord, its a germy world out there isn't it?
-asthma inhaler, but I cannot remember the last time I used it which is cool
-little tupperware thingy which had an orange
-coaster of sexy chick at Heartland brewery holding apricots....apricots seem sexy here, like you want to squeeze some apricots or fondle some apricots or at least get to know this healthy young woman's apricots better...(I have heard that in Italy or somewhere a woman's LALALA is called her FIG...apricots are cuter than figs though)
-a small pot out of the kiln--glaze test! Glaze recipe needs a little more titanium dioxide and a little more zircopax
-camera case
-cars price list: we drove by the dealer Saturday and saw an old VW bug and looked it up and thought we might try to trade our elderly subaru in for one very affordable VW but the wife doesn't want it so we are getting a NEW TO US, young-ish, subaru on Saturday, and HOLY CAT F##K there goes our savings...but the old subaru needs struts and has some very scary sounding squeaks....


Becky Jo said...

Ooo! A new-to-you subaru! What kind?! I want a Forester, but I think the Dodge has to actually 'die' first before Brian will go for it. ;)

Reverend Awesome said...

The Beast (Will's car) is a Subaru.
What is it with cats and bags. If there is something out they just have to lay on top of it. The weirdos. Afeni just ran over when I dumped my purse.

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Yeah for you Gary, a newer set of wheels...a better ride! Yeah! :)