Thursday, August 26, 2010

Join me on a voyage of my workbag...

*Note- my camera is usually in here as well, but seeing as I needed it to take the picture, it couldn't be in the picture. You get it. You're smart like that. That's why I like you.*

  • Tax exempt forms I use for work
  • This grody blue flowered drawstring bag holds the admin on-call phone I'm stuck with this week
  • Hair brush
  • Cell phone charger
  • Cassette box with ipod earbuds
  • Tiny suitcase holding my business cards
  • my cell phone
  • Walter
  • Faux tortoiseshell hair clip
  • wallet (contents below)
  • Black pen from Doubletree hotel
  • Strip of those goddamn gold seals Hallmark gives you when you buy cards. I never think to use these things and they clutter up everywhere
  • Package of bobby pins
  • Clarence
  • Brown leather braided bracelet
  • Brown beaded bracelet
  • Bracelet with weird hammered silver discs
  • Turquoise bead bracelet
  • Watch made of old typewriter keys
  • (Note- I went with my sister to her orientation at the School of Massage Therapy she's attending this fall and the students were giving free massages. I had to take my bracelets off, so I dumped them in the bag and forgot about them until I did this project.)
  • Spare car keys
  • Pile of photos I want to scan. Our scanner at home doesn't work anymore so I have to scan on the sly at work.
  • Instruction manual for new camera
  • ipod
  • Administrator on-call cell phone
  • Black cloth for cleaning ipod screen & laptop screen
  • Route 11 bus schedule
  • Green notebook for various things
  • Sunglasses
  • Cards for my friend's new business
  • Pink mint-flavored lip gloss
  • Coconut-flavored lip gloss
  • Berry-colored lip stain (with balm)
  • Small barrette
Wallet includes:
  • Health insurance ID card (with username & password for online access on a post-it note attached to the back)
  • Old insurance card (because I'm paranoid like that)
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals membership card
  • Copy of birth certificate shrunk done to card-size and laminated
  • Social Security card
  • Ithaca College alumni card (with mini diploma replica on other side)
  • Dental insurance card
  • Vision insurance card
  • Ithaca College staff I.D. card
  • Capital One, Chase, Old Navy credit cards
  • 2 bank debit cards, one for joint account with husband, one for personal account
  • AAA membership card
  • empty Starbucks card
  • Hallmark gold Crown rewards card (why I have those damn gold seals)
  • Board of Elections Tompkins County voter ID card
  • Card with blood pressure & pulse measurements taken at the mall about 7 years ago
  • expired capital one card I keep meaning to put through the shredder
  • Citi gift card from novartis-- rebate for dogs' heartworm medicine
  • driver's license
  • Cayuga Lake Creamery Scoop Club card with two punches
  • three $5 bills
  • 61 cents
  • post-it with large red number 8 drawn on in sharpie (I read somewhere this is a feng-shui kind of thing to bring you financial good fortune. Hasn't paid off yet.)


Gary's third pottery blog said...

WALTER! CLARENCE! Dang, you gotta get them ice creams up at the creamery--hot weather ahead I hear! Surprised you didn't find a dog in there, everything else is in it!

k.a. barnes said...

I know. I used to have a 45-mile one-way commute and if I forgot something during the day, I was screwed. So I got in the habit of carrying absolutely everything I could possibly need during the day in my bag. I'm much more spartan with my purse. I usually just have wallet, phone, keys, ugglies & camera.

George and Maureen Johnson said...

I don't know, I think you are missing something...can't figure out what, but there has to be lol lol...:) Surely you could just fit a few more items in there!

Reverend Awesome said...

Your bag is full of awesome stuff! That's great. I love things made of old typewriter keys. They have a store downtown that has necklaces, bracelets and teh like made with them. I buy them for people for gifts all the time cuz I just love them so much. I give people gifts that I would like. Maybe that's not the best way to go about giving gifts, but whatever.

k.a. barnes said...

But that way, if they don't like it they might give it to you! My mom actually works on this principal with clothing. She's always buying me stuff that fits her, not me, or things that only she would like so I am compelled to give them to her.

k.a. barnes said...
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