Thursday, December 23, 2010

“Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Santa Claus ”

“Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Santa Claus ”

10. Real name: Saul Claustein

- Andrea T., Newton Lower Falls, MA

9. Has over 1,000 arrests for breaking and entering

- John S., Sacramento, CA

8. Thinks it's funny to answer misdirected fan mail for Carlos Santana

- Jimi M., Denver, CO

7. Moved to the North Pole when he got a low draft number

- Cliff R., Chicago, IL

6. This year, not down the chimney -- it's out of the closet!

- Larry G., Tallahassee, FL

5. His guilty pleasure: reindeer burgers

- Gord O., Toronto, Ontario

4. Met Mrs. Claus when she was a North Pole dancer

- Rollin B., Fresno, CA

3. Skips Alaska, for fear of Sarah Palin shooting his reindeer

- Gene B., Lisbon, ME

2. Naughty and nice list provided by Julian Assange

- Peter O., Ames, IA

1. Money's tight; that's actually him at the mall

- Joe F. Scottsdale, AZ


Gary's third pottery blog said...

money's tight alright, I was dropping off a bag at Salvation Army and he was there!!!!

Reverend Awesome said...

Santa's back to doing blow off his wife's butt.