Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Fest

He'll get you!
This weekend was the Fall Festival in my hometown. Yeah, I know, it's not fall. Doesn't matter! Seasons mean nothing to Dallas Center. They live by their own rules. They won't let the calendar dictate how they name events. This year was kind of a let down. If I'm being honest I'd say it's never all THAT exciting. It's just so weird that it's fun. I was excited for the parade this year because I have an iPhone and I wanted to videotape the weird choreographed lawn chair parade routine that ALWAYS happens. Well, of course it didn't happen this year. Just my luck.
The Mayor of Dallas Center
Doggie riding a horse!
My Dad and baby William. William loved everything about everything.
Me cake-walking.
My Mom cake walking!
My aunt Lori and cousin Kaylea cake walking!
Trust the carnies, it's safe. 
Growing in Tori's garden at Grandpa Bill and Grandma Kelly's.

I left the cake walk cakeless. I was kind of okay with that. Some of the cake bakers seemed to have thrown in the towel this year. I get that everyone is busy, but you can't even spread your canned frosting on the cake? Nah, just set the can on top of it. Let the winner handle that. YOU DISAPPOINT ME, CAKE BAKERS! Not all of you...but some of you. Also, purchasing mini-cupcakes at Wal-Mart is jank. Same with the cookies. Those things don't belong in the cake walk. I hope everyone gets their act together next year.

Canned frosting atop a cake. Classy.

There was a time where Ben and Christi would post pics here, showing some skin. This picture is my ode to those days. Cover your children's eyes. Ready...

A bouncy ball in my lap! Risque! Someone was throwing them out at the parade and they were flying everywhere. It was kinda great.

I didn't know it prior to the parade (or until I saw them in the parade). That Tori and Alyssa would be riding through the parade in the bucket of some kind of tractor thingy. I also didn't know they had a fashion consulting business. So, I'll have to ask them to make me over. I hope they are available for freelance fashion consulting!

When I got home from the Fall Fest Scott told me to go out on the balcony and look down.
This is what I saw. We don't know how this happened. We don't really live on a busy street. The speed limit is 35. I have no idea how this mini-van flipped. Good news! Everyone was okay. The driver is standing there in the blue. It didn't take long for a tow truck to arrive and it just flipped it back upright. A city work swept up all the glass and it was like it never happened.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

a) William = the BEST BABY
b) your THIGHS, you posted a picture of your NAKED THIGHS? I am gonna get pictures of my naked thighs and post them....
c) the video of your nieces, oh GOSH!!!!!!!!!! :)

Gallow said...

Great Photos!! Wow, that last one is insane.