Monday, August 29, 2011

Take this job and ... take it ultra-seriously

The funniest thing I heard all week was while Brett & I were grocery shopping Thursday night.

About to clobber someone with a can of chopped clams
You have to be very selective when you're going grocery shopping, now that the students are back in town. Sundays are always a bad choice because everyone thinks to do their shopping then. If you go too early in the day, you have to deal with the blue-hair crowd; can't go late at night because students are there clogging the aisles looking for snacks, party supplies or just something to do. Don't go on Monday- the shelves are pretty emptied from the weekend. And don't go on Tuesday because they're in the process of restocking, which not only means they might not have restocked everything you're looking for, those big wagons with the boxes they're unpacking make it even harder to negotiate the aisles. Thursday evening, about the time the students are getting ready to go out for a night on the town, the place is fairly empty and well-stocked in anticipation of the weekend. Friday night, around happy hour, is also prime shopping time.

Anyway, we had the most careful, serious grocery clerk I've ever seen in my life. She offered expert bagging tips I never would have thought of, recipes, food storage tips, and other morsels of information as she scanned and carefully packaged our groceries.

Chard- like?
And she made sure we knew we were part of the team. At one point, with the grim determination of a spinal surgeon asking for a scalpel, she commanded us, "The beets, please." We handed her what turned out to be a bunch of rainbow chard. I thought she was going to bang her head into the conveyor belt in disappointment with herself. "Beets! How could I think they were beets! It's so clearly CHARD! Use your head, Rachel!"
While no snappy one-liners, the whole experience was both heartening- it's nice to find someone who takes their job very seriously and applies the very best of herself to it- and surreal. Brett & I acted out the, "The beets, please" scene for hours afterward.


George and Maureen Johnson said...

Ah yes, OCD certainly has it's advantages when one is on the receiving end of it! hahhahahhaha! Like I have said before, "Why can't I get someone to live with me that has such great impulsive urges to make everything sparkly clean? Oh I would worship this person, you know it.....

Gary's third pottery blog said...

the, um, veggies are very, er, PRETTY aren't they, no matter what they are? GIRL, just pass me the fuching BEETS already!
The only time you can go to the store in June 15. School isn't out for children yet, college students are gone, vacationers aren't around yet and Ithaca fest is over and its between Memorial Day and July 4. One day a year you can go to the store: stock up on, lessee, canned beans, pineapple, crackers and peanut butter :)

Reverend Awesome said...

Weird things happen at grocery stores! It's all so intimate. Someone gets to see everything you're going to eat!

This lady was a die hard! I would've stressed out! I wouldn't want to upset the system.PASS THE BEETS!